Posted by: Anna | November 30, 2011

Finishing in Style

We’re home!  Sorry for the blog delay – our travelling laptop finally died in Indonesia and since returning home we’ve been lost in a fog of 40-hour travel, jet lag, tearful reunions and then car-buying.  So, while it’s exciting to be home and we’re so focused on looking forward, we’d be remiss to not recount a last bit of Indonesian awesomeness.

Having heard so many wonderful things about Bali, we made a conscious decision in July to finish our trip there.  Even though it made for a screwy routing; look at a globe – we skipped Indonesia between Malaysia and Australia, then went all the way to Japan before backtracking 3,473 miles just to spend 2 weeks in Bali before heading home.  Which made it really disappointing when Anna developed some sort of really nasty stomach illness (Bali Belly) during our first day in Ubud.  She was pretty sick for 6 of the last 9 days, finally getting better in time for one hectic day of shopping in Ubud (imagine that, she feels well enough to shop) and then 2 amazing days at Bali Prime Villas in the beach hideaway of Seminyak.

My aunt, Kita, had been pestering us (Kita does the nicest pestering possible) to accept her offer of a nice hotel stay (her treat!) since India.  Finally, we found the right spot (Bali Prime Villas) and the right situation (end-of-trip celebration) to say yes.  And I couldn’t be happier that we did.  Here are some pictures:

Anna, being excited in our bedroom.

This was the outdoor bathroom. There was an outdoor shower, in addition to the massive tub.

This was the outdoor kitchen and dining room.

And the thing that pushed it over the top: our own private swimming pool.

After 6 days, trapped indoors watching old seasons of House and Chuck on DVD (pirated DVD stores abound in Indonesia), our fancy villa was music to Anna’s eyes.  And after playing fetch for her for 6 days, I was just excited that they had a room service menu.  We made the most of our time – we arrived at the earliest possible check-in time, ate all but one meal room service, got fancy massages and spent most of the day lounging beside our personal pool.  We read, we played cards, we watched Kansas basketball (the only sport I could have talked Anna into) on the large flat screen.  Mostly, we relaxed and soaked in the final hours of our adventure of a lifetime.  Though Seminyak is a beach town, less than 5 km from world-famous Kuta Beach, we only made it to the beach for about an hour.  Both days, we debated taking the free shuttle to the beach for the day and then decided that we had a pretty nice spot already.

When it finally came time to leave, we were relaxed and ready for the 40 hour return trip home.



  1. WOW! What a great last trip y’all had. (Can I please have an Aunt Kita?) I have been reading your blogs sporatically and will be sad not to read about all of your adventures anymore. But… on a lighter note: Yay! Glad you guys are finally home!! 😉 Welcome back to the best desination in the world.. TEXAS haha

  2. Thanks for sharing all your great experiences….bonus that somebody else watching Chuck besides me.

  3. I will miss the vicarious experiences. But we are happy to have you back, too.

  4. So nice of Kita!! What a lovely place to stay on any vacation but at the end of this one — really special. So glad to have you home!!

  5. Hey guy,

    You finnaly made it home after this year around the world. Very nice reading your adventures.
    Your hotel in Bali seems so great, I so need a treat as well, a but tired of dorm.
    I am now in laos, in Luang Praban, this is just sooo nice.
    BTW I am addicted to Mad men, already finisged the season 2 😉

    Enjoy home

  6. Oh my, what a hotel! How much is it per night, if you don’t mind me asking?

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