Posted by: Tommy | November 21, 2011

Weird Advertisements, Take 2

Judging by the number of comments the blog received, our Weird Advertisements post was probably the most popular thing we’ve written over the past 13 months.  The problem with publishing it when we did is that we continued to find fantastic signs that we wanted to share.  So, just before we head home, here’s a final installment of Weird Advertisements from Around the Globe.  And yes, I know some of these aren’t advertisements.

Yes, the Monsoon Poon is a real restaurant in Auckland.


Down the street from the Monsoon Poon is this coffee shop with a great sign.


Still in New Zealand. This sign almost made Jerry turn back.


This souvenir shop implored us to buy something to provide work for China's children, presumably in sweatshops.


Speaking of Chinese sweatshops... I'm sure the people who can crank out a fake Louis Vitton purse for $3 couldn't possibly create a counterfeit "No Fakes" sign.


Ahhhh, I've been eaten by an apple!


In America, you can't buy butane until you're 18 because you might do something stupid, like try to make a bomb. In Japan, they sell butane at 7-11. They even call it Gas Bomb.


Another thing they sell at Japanese 7-11.


Cat on cat massage. I'm pretty sure that's illegal in Oregon.


For the environmentally conscious smoker. Hmmm, clean smoking?



Also seen in Japan - we didn't try to make it in 7 minutes.


We called this restraurant Mr. Buttface. We ate there. It was delicious.


Seriously, his face looks like a butt.


Yeah, let's end it right there.



  1. So hilarious! But got your attention as intended.

  2. Awesome. I’m gonna miss you guys.

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