Posted by: Tommy | November 14, 2011

Things That Are the Wrong Size

During this year, we’ve seen a lot of weird things – many of them documented on this blog.  Some of the things we’ve been most amused by during the year are things we’ve come across that are seemingly the wrong size, both big and small.  We don’t have pictures of all of them – the tiny Vietnamese bus sleeper “beds” and the Dairy Queen “Take Home Size” Blizzard, most notably.  But we did manage to get pictures of some of them, so here they are:

In Thailand, we found this 8 ft. tall broom


In Laos, we played with this giant Jenga set. That's Emily's knee - she's 5' 10".


This coat hanger was longer than my arm. And I have long arms.


Not that anyone was complaining, but this glass of wine in the Philippines was the size of Emily's face.


The very first mis-sized item from our trip. The massive St. Petersburg tortilla.


Not only is the masala dosa the world's largest breakfast food, it's also my favorite non-Western breakfast (possibly related facts). This one was atypically large, dwarfing Anna's hand.


On the opposite end of the "Giant Food" spectrum is these giant bananas from Fiji. We boiled them as instructed, then managed to choke down a total of 1 bite each before tossing the whole batch.


If you can ride on a bird, it's too damn big.


Not every thing that we encountered was too big.  Sometimes, we’ve also run in to things we’d classify as overly small, though after a few months in Asia everything seems too small to me.


This ridiculously small, two-pronged fork in China allowed me to take very tiny bites out of a very mediocre piece of cake.


The Japanese are experts at miniaturization, as demonstrated by this shopping cart.

And the most flagrantly ill-sized item from the entire year. They managed to charge full price for this tiny, tiny beer at the International Food Festival we attended in Singapore. Who wants to drink a tiny beer?




  1. Tommy, where are that poor ostrich’s legs?

    Aunt Sandy

  2. that’s my favorite line ever…if you and ride on a bird, it’s TOO damn big!
    Funny x2!!! XOXOXOXO,kita

  3. This one kept me laughing. And there is a giant Jenga set like that at a bar Jerry and I like in Dallas. We will have to take you there.

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