Posted by: Tommy | July 22, 2011

Reader’s Choice Winner – Weird Advertisements from Around the Globe

Last week, we asked you, our readers, to speak up and be heard. Rather than make a decision (something Anna wrote about Wednesday) we let you decide what you wanted to hear about – and in something of an upset, you voted for Weird Advertisements over Toilets, by one vote (as of Wednesday).  So, without further ado, here are some of the weirdest, funniest or strangest advertisements that we’ve bothered to take a picture of on our trip so far.

If you're setting up hotdog stands in tourist areas, you should consider reading your sign in English instead of Cyrillic (it says Stardog in Cyrillic).

This ad actually inspired us to collect the "Weird Advertisements" photos from around the world. Their tagline is classic.

This is a close-up of the above tagline - "Now I'm the Girlfriend of a Sex God". I'm not exactly sure how the girl ingesting Casanova would somehow change the sexual prowess of her boyfriend. I can only assume Casanova contains some sort of female aphrodesiac.

All the McDonalds in Israel are Kosher. They feature this very unique sign.

This weird advertisement was put up be the government of South Africa. The intention is "hey, don't feed the monkeys because then we have to kill them." But what we took away from it was "the South African government takes pleasure in shooting monkeys."

I think this is from India, which raises a lot of questions. Like, why is this guy white? Why is he holding a baseball bat? Who would believe that a spaghetti-strap tanktop could make you look like this guy? And is that a "gym vest" or a women's shirt?

I can't even contemplate a caption for this one.

I can't remember why we thought this ad was funny.

As far as I can tell, this product - found in the Singapore subway system - is an energy drink. What the hell that has to do with this ad I can't tell you.

This ad is for the same compay, found right next to the previous one. I guess it makes a little more sense.

Juice in jelly in juice. What more do you need to know?

Asia is a treasure trove of weird advertisements, like this one from Thailand. My favorite part of this one is the celery-condom, while Anna likes the 'condom as a hat'.

Also from Thailand. We were there during elections, so political billboards were everywhere. These ads, in particular, caught our attention. The first one features the candidate frowning with an upset baby.

Same guy, but in this one, he's happy and so is the dog. So he's liked by animals, distrusted by children?

As you can see, the happy dog ad is across the street from the angry baby ad. There were enough of these strange ads in Bangkok to prompt Anna to research them. What she found out - this candidate is actually famous as the #1 purveyor of prostitutes in Thailand (think #1 seller of cheese in Wisconsin). He ran (and won) to be the head of the Opposition Party. He's not giving up his sex business while a member of the government.

I don't know.

There's nothing about this that I don't love. I love that's it's called Kickapoo. I love the phrase "joy juice". And I love that it's apparently an original USA recipe. Get that kick!

I'm not sure that this (found high in the Himalayas near the Thorung La pass) is an actual 7-11.

This brochure, made for Nepalese eco-tourism, might be my 2nd favorite ad in the whole post.

Close-up of the top left corner. Of all the rhino pictures you could choose, you picked this one?

This creepy, inverted baby is everywhere in Nepal and India. Jay was afraid of it.

These last 3 are examples of non-English speakers writing ads in English. Less expensive than what?

Anna couldn't decide between the Many Cure and the Paddy Cure.

If you've made it this far, you've been rewarded with my favorite of all the weird advertisements we've seen this year. There are a grand total of 2 Nepalese beers. Nepal Ice boldly proclaims that they are "probably" the best of these two. Bold statement, Nepal Ice.


  1. The ad for Kickapoo Joy Juice brought back memories of drinking the stuff on a family vacation to Arkansas in about 1972- It was a product made there if memory serves me- too weird!

    • That’s a real thing? Strange. There are so many products labeled as “from the USA” in Asia that aren’t, I just assumed this was one of them.

  2. I think I want the Many Cure – but you’re right it’s a tough decision!

  3. LMAO!!!!

    Ok… Did you TRY the magic ball jelly?! I definitely think Tommy should get a Hunk gym vest and proudly wear it to a family function. Maybe the politician likes animals but not children… however, his dog looks a little scary. Or he is saying instead of having babies, maybe you should adopt a dog. Look how happy it made me! Was the 7-11 more of a trekky store than a convenient store? Maybe one of their titles was correct… I’m not sure that the rhinos make me want to change my lifestyle?! Why wouldn’t Anna want a face clean up from the beauty parlour?! “Probably the best Nepal beer.” I just picture Napoleon Dynamite saying that!! LOL

    Talk to y’all soon!

  4. I must admit, I was initially very disappointed that toilets didn’t win. But by the time I finished reading these, I was literally crying. Awesome.

    I hope you might consider writing about toilets anyway at some point in the near future.

    • Of course. We’ve been taking pictures of odd toilets since we left. I was actually excited – we’ll get to visit Japan (I expect truly great toilets in Japan) before writing the toilets post.

  5. Joy Juice is really from an original USA recipe? Did you try it? I really like it and could go for one right now. I have seen the vast majority of these in person and was still cracking up reading this. I am still afraid of that baby and all the others in those creepy baby posters

  6. Like my sister I remember Kickapoo Joy Juice. This from Wikepedia —

    Kickapoo Joy Juice is a citrus-flavored soft drink brand owned by The Monarch Beverage Company.[2][3][4] The name was originally introduced in Li’l Abner, a comic strip that ran from 1934 through 1977.[5][6][7] Although L’il Abner’s Kickapoo Joy Juice was an alcoholic drink, the real world beverage is a lightly carbonated soda pop.[1][8]

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