Posted by: Tommy | July 21, 2011

Socks – an update on yesterday’s dilemma.

Today we resolved to buy socks after being indecisive yesterday.  We walked into a mall and decided to buy socks at the first shop that had them.  We found some quickly, bought 6 pair at 10 ringitt ($3) each.  We then walked around the corner, right into a place called “Sock World” advertising their massive sock selection and giant sale on socks. 3 pairs for 20 ringitt.  Of course.



  1. So, you did good! My kind of shopping — in and out quickly!!

  2. I recall buying 3 pairs on fake Nike ankle-highs (that I wore trekking in Nepal) in KL for 10MYR without much, if any, searching around (Jew power!)

  3. Just catching up with your blog as I was in Il. visiting Mom for a week. I can identify (in a small way) with what you said about decision making as I have experienced that during travel-and it was only for 2 weeks!!

  4. Socks — who knew that would be the hill that beat you.

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