Posted by: Tommy | July 13, 2011

Reader’s Choice:

After 9 days spent rehabbing someone’s ankle in Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia, we’re running thin on blog topics.  We have a few things we’ve been accumulating since Russia, so we’re letting our readers speak.  Which do you want to hear about?  The option with the most votes will be published Friday, July 22.



  1. you are FUNNY! XOXOXO, Kita

  2. Some other post ideas that would interest me and others:
    1. list all the places you have been up to now – city or site, country, dates you were there and a short comment on each
    2. list and compare the places you have stayed – hostels, motels, B&B, couches, campsites, etc.
    3. list and compare places you have eaten, the food specialties in the countries, and a cost comparison of eating in the various countries/cities/etc.

  3. I’d be interested in hearing tips about packing – do you think you planned well? What would you leave at home? What would you include in your backpack that wasn’t included?

  4. No question what the correct answer is here. Toilets!

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