Posted by: Tommy | June 24, 2011

Ta Prohm – Legend of the Hidden Temple

Ta Prohm is one of the many temples located in the Angkor Wat complex.  It’s also where Angelina Jolie filmed most of Tombraider.  It’s also where we took some of our most spectacular photos of the trip.  Here’s a picture post of Ta Prohm.  See more at the Cambodia Flickr set here.

This is the top of the entrance gate to Ta Prohm. It's about 80 feet tall and the face is probably 10 ft. tall.

Unlike most of the Angkor Wat temples, Ta Prohm has not been restored - it's too beautiful as is.

One of the things that makes Ta Prohm so interesting is the intertwining of the trees with the ruins.

Broken devada (that's the name for a this type of statue)

This was a piece of a frieze that had fallen down.

Ta Prohm wall - I don't know why, but I find this photo very interesting.

Ta Prohm doorway

Framed heads in a doorway



  1. The composition of your photos are perfect. You have the eye of an artist! I really like ALL of these pixs. xoxoxo, Kita

  2. The wall is interesting — the color is so vivid. I would love to know the history of it and its age.

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