Posted by: Anna | June 15, 2011

Night out on the Walking Street

On Sunday in Chiang Mai, one street is closed for vehicle traffic and filled with outdoor booths offering all sorts of good things – art work, crafts, tshirts, strange items, food stalls, musicians, and even open air foot massage areas. As we started walking, we were excited by how interesting the shops were, and how many kinds of tasty things there were to eat.

Tommy started his night with a variation on his most popular meal in Thailand - the pad thai ometlette.

One guy had grilled Asian (yellow inside) sweet potatoes - I love sweet potatoes and had to have one. It was delicious!

Amazing sushi cart - priced by the piece. 30 Baht = $1, so 5 Baht is about 17 cents. It was delicious!

This band was all blind. They were pretty good, and you can see a little of the market behind them. It went on for about one mile in total distance.

Tommy's last, and favorite, food purchase of the night: the chocolate waffle. Yumm!

After shopping and eating for two hours (Tommy has really built up his tolerance for shopping in Asia…I think combining shopping with bargaining has really increased his interest), the sky opened up. It is the rainy season. We immediately ducked into a foot massage “area” – reclining leather chairs covered with a tarp. We opted for the hour long foot massage, including a shoulder massage at the end. It was lovely. While we were getting our feet oiled up, a guy selling ponchos stopped by, holding about seven ponchos in his hand. He started shouting in Thai (something like: “Ponchos! Ponchos!”). The manager of the foot massage place translated for us – do we want ponchos? 25 Baht (slightly less than $1). As the guy was standing there, the tarp covering the massage area dumped a huge bunch of water on him. He said (I’m just going on body language and context here, but..), “See – good thing I’m wearing a poncho or I’d be soaked. Better get one!” Everyone laughed convivially. One of the things I’m starting to love about Thailand is the easygoing, jovial nature of the people. Since we had already bought a bunch of stuff and were several blocks from the hotel, we decided to get one to keep our stuff dry-ish. We picked our color (blue polka dots). The guy was down to holding one poncho in his hand, and he said “20 Baht – Sale price!”. The manager translated for us – he says it’s the last one, so it’s on sale for only 20 Baht. We declined. After he left the manager and all the other workers were all laughing as the poncho guy crossed the street, reached into a bag under his poncho, and whipped out seven more to sell to the next shop. The manager said that every time he says it’s the last one, but he always has more.


  1. Tommy’s pad thai omelette looked amazing. Two things I love together. But Tommy don’t be disloyal to my waffles — I still make the best chocolate chip waffles, right?

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