Posted by: Anna | April 14, 2011

Take it all off

Was how my massage started. The masseuse didn’t introduce herself, didn’t even say hell0 – she led with, “Take it all off.” This is not a massage for the modest. She stood there while I removed my clothes, then gestured to lie down on a mattress on the floor. There’s no draping. There’s nothing – just a petite Indian woman, and my naked self on the floor.

I felt a little nervous. But hey, for the equivalent of $11 for an hour massage, I guess I shouldn’t expect luxury. She starts out, and I realize the advantage of having the mattress on the floor; it allows her to use her body weight to create pressure as opposed to the strength in her arms or hands. It’s actually….really nice. Then I realize – she’s using her hands AND her feet. If I look beyond that it’s a bit weird to be laying naked on the floor getting thoroughly coated in oil and rubbed with a strange woman’s feet, it feels amazing. I didn’t mention the oil until just now, but there is copious amounts of oil. She keeps a small bowl with a spoon and she spoons it on as she moves around my body.

After she massages my legs, she then stretches them and massages them at the same time, which is even more amazing. Next, she has me flip over so I’m laying on my back. She starts doing the massage on my front, stomach, and arms. She stretches my neck by manipulating my head, giving me the most thorough and relaxing neck massage I’ve ever had. She then reaches over and spreads a scented cream on my face, and starts to vigorously massage my face. I can feel my sinuses open up and my wrinkle-making muscles relax.

She then has me sit up, and thus begins the best part. She has me stretch my legs out straight in front of me and then bend forward. She then massages my spine while I’m stretched out, which really seems to soothe any tension there. She has me sit up, and she pours rose scented oil on the top of my head, and massages it all through my hair and my scalp. She then pulls my right arm behind my body where she is sitting, places her feet on my back, and walks up my back with her feet while stretching my arm behind me. It realigns my spine. She does the left side, then both arms at once. She smiles at me and calls it “yoga”.

I wouldn’t call it the most relaxing massage I’ve ever had since I was not able to completely relax. I felt self-conscious being naked and not knowing exactly what to expect. However, I would call it the most effective massage I’ve ever had, if the goal is to release muscle tension and make you feel physically really good. I think I would enjoy it even more next time.They also teach courses in ayurvedic massage at the spa I went to, but I think it’s unfair if I learn how and Tommy doesn’t. However, I am adding to my wish list massage classes in Asia. Thai massage is supposed to be great too….


  1. What, no pictures from this adventure? The prude in me would have been self conscious too, but I’m feeling like I need to book a massage right now.

  2. Does that line work on all women?

  3. Wow — I am not sure I could relax but think I would like to try. And you get hair conditioning along with it. Hope she washed her feet!

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