Posted by: Anna | March 21, 2011

India Photo Safari

Not a safari for animals, although we did see a few. No, we decided to spend most of one day in Jodhpur wandering the streets and taking pictures of whatever struck us. Daily life and the action in the streets is fascinating here. You do not need a destination to be engaged, challenged, and entertained. Just start walking.


Jodhpur Traffic Jam: Narrow streets filled with tuk tuks, animals, pedestrians, and bicycles.

This guy is part of a strange phenomenon here: random people walk up to you and ask you to take their picture. Why? I have no idea. Then you show them on the screen of the camera. They look excited. Then they walk off. Weird.

Camel skin shoes - simply and beautifully displayed.

Bangles on display. Traditionally, Indian women were almost naked without bracelets, unless they were widows. Bangles are still very popular. When shopping, the seller will immediately start trying to put them on you in different combinations, then asking you how much (meaning, how much will you pay). This is the kind of negotiating strategy they teach in business school - make the other party name their price first.

Sunday is the most popular shopping day in Jodhpur for the locals. Walking around, we saw lots of little saree shops like this one, filled with Indian women in bright sarees, and the seller pulling out piece after piece to show them.

Little shops sell turbans for children. I found this display especially creepy.

Click here for more India pictures.



  1. The turban display is creepy but the shoes and bangles are so delightful. Hard not to buy just for the colors.

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