Posted by: Anna | December 17, 2010

I’m a movie star

Okay, a tv star. I mean, I had an AP video editor film a video of me and edit it. I received on the spot coaching to sound like a professional. It was all very cool.

In Johannesburg, we stayed with our friends Johnson and Anita. While we were there, my dad emailed me about making a short video for the page about our business, which is all well and good, but I don’t have a video camera. We asked Johnson and Anita if they had a video camera – no. However, Anita works as an editor for the AP Africa desk, and of course they have plenty of video cameras and people who know how to work them. We weren’t allowed to borrow one, since they cost a lot, but it would be fine if we wanted to go to the AP office and get filmed. Um, awesome. Did I mention that the spot they suggested was the roof of their office building, which has a panoramic view of downtown Joburg and is the location for BBC and AP videos, when they need a background.

We met Ed, Anita and Johnson’s friend who is a video guy at the AP. He agreed to film me and we set up a time. I put on my very nicest dry fit travel outfit, along with makeup (somewhat of a rarity). I wrote my schpiel and practiced. I was nervous.

We got set up on the roof, with careful selection of background by Ed based on the time of day, shadows, and best use of the scenery. Then we were off – I bumbled through it twice, with a few pauses for wind. Surprisingly, the set up and filming two takes of a 2:30 video took about an hour. It makes me think that it takes a long time to make the news!

Ed took our video back downstairs and quickly edited the best parts together. He was amazingly fast. I tried to get over the extreme awkwardness of watching myself on camera, but actually, I didn’t sound as silly as I anticipated. I have Ed to thank for that.

Dad has to add his portion before sending it to I’ll let you know if it gets published.

Making the video actually gave me a moment to reflect on working at Home Helpers and what it has meant to me. I found it more meaningful now that I have had some space and a million other thoughts to occupy my mind to see clearly how lucky I have been and how very, very much I have learned.

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  1. Anna — I was wondering about what was going on in your pictures. I know how much you enjoy public speaking so I’m not surprised you breezed right through it. Do you suppose your dad would send me a copy (if possible) so that I can see it also?

    We are leaving for Kita’s today and will miss you both. Know you and Tommy will be in our thoughts, prayers and conversations. Sending tons of love your way.

  2. There is a little more back story to this one and I hope Jerry will fill it in with more detail as he is most familar with the facts. Jerry read the NY Times blog that deals with problems for small businesses and thought their story was a fit. They invited stories and Jerry sent a description of theirs. They liked it and asked them to submit a video to post soooo it is very likely to make the NY Times blog. Jerry was very proud of what they accomplished and Anna’s accomplishments in particular and that is what got them interested. Jerry, like Anna, is a good writer. So fill in the details Jerry.

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