Posted by: Anna | November 25, 2010

Thanksgiving in Cairo

Happy Thanksgiving! One of the hardest parts of our trip is missing family holidays, and this is the first biggie. With that in mind, we were determined (okay, mostly me) to find something festive.

We met an American guy in the airport in Latvia who had lived in Cairo on study abroad. He had an American friend still living in Cairo, and we connected through Facebook. Although he was too busy to meet up, he suggested we go to Lucille’s for Thanksgiving dinner. We tried several other routes to get ourselves invited to someone’s home for a more authentic experience, but to no avail. So off to Lucille’s we went today, around 2 PM here. In case you are wondering which of your friends had the first Thanksgiving dinner, it’s us, clocking in at 6 AM CST.

Lucille’s was awesome – free refills on drinks, with ice, unheard of beyond the US border as far as we can tell. Also, the drinks come in a great big glass. Plus, we had an awesome Thanksgiving dinner, including turkey, dressing, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, corn, and pie!

Amazingly, this plate cost the same as 4 nights in our Luxor hotel.  Worth it.

Most importantly, I have gained perspective on being American. It is a blessing in so many ways, given to me by nothing more than the luck of birth. Plus, I have an amazing family who has supported this crazy decision to peace out of adult life for a year to travel the world, a husband and best friend to do this trip with, and the financial resources to go. Although I almost started crying at dinner today, I have never had more to be thankful for.

We are now at an expat bar in Cairo so we can watch some football. The place has no sign, and you have to be a member to get in, unless it’s your first time or a member brings you as their guest. They have a huge garden, several bars, and American tv which will start showing the football game soon…which gives me a happy husband. Alcohol sales are technically illegal here, so you instead buy a raffle ticket for $18, then use that to pay for your drinks. They actually do have a raffle at the end of each month, where you can win money. I’m not entirely clear on the whole system, but that’s the gist.

Happy Thanksgiving!




  1. I’m thankful that I have two kids that have the gumption to follow their dreams and have the heart to spend such an awesome adventure with each other and the people they love back home

  2. Two things I think I think:

    1. I’m pretty sure that Anna and Tommy are traveling with a third person. Anna mentioned a husband AND a best friend. Either there is a third person or there isn’t one. I’m like 80/20, but I can be talked into 40/60.

    B. I’m confused by Egypt’s raffle system for beers. Why can’t I just buy a Heineken Light from the barkeep? Doesn’t anyone watch Cheers around here?

  3. I loved hearing about your Thanksgiving in person early Thanksgiving morning as you had already eaten it while we were still cooking. As a mom, I hate to think of my child missing out on anything. And you didn’t. I was so glad to get to talk to you twice on Thanksgiving. It was equally fun to cram everyone into the tv room and onto the stairs to talk to you. You were on the big screen which was also unreal considering you were half way around the world in Cairo. You two are resourceful!!

  4. Hi Guys! It was great to see you on Thanksgiving, Skype is a wonderful Thing!

  5. I think you grow each time you can find the positive in each day & stop to give thanks for your many abundant blessings. My love you both, xoxoxo, Kita

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