Posted by: Tommy | October 20, 2010

2 days in St. Petersburg

We arrived in St. Petersburg via train on Monday.  After a very good night’s sleep on the train, we’ve had 2 full days exploring the city.  We like it.  It’s prettier than Moscow and things move a little slower – someone today likened it to Manhattan vs. Brooklyn.  I think it’s more Dallas vs. Austin.

When trying to think of something to write about for these two days, we realized that they have been very eventful – probably our most tourist-y days so far – but that there was not 1 thing that would make an adequate post.

But the call for more pictures, or at least an appreciation for pictures already posted, has been a recurring comment on the blog – so here’s a response to those requests.

This is our Flickr page that has (and will continue to have) a lot more pictures on it than we put in the blog.  There’s a small feed of this on the main blog page and clicking on almost any of the pictures will get you to our Flickr.  For this set of St. Petersburg pictures, I’ve written more elaborate than normal captions and titles that tell bits about our time here so far. The internet here is too slow for me to test, but I don’t think the captions and titles come through on “Slideshow” mode.

Warning: There might be something to offend you in this series of pictures if you are a grandparent, a vegetarian or a Bolshevik.

So you don’t have to scroll up



  1. Hope you two are not getting tired of writing. Lazy, lazy. I cannot live vicariously if you don’t write so it really is all about me.

    I am in Austin today and it is gorgeous – about 78! Does that make you miss home?

    Loved the farmers market photos and the Church of the Spilled Blood. Hard to understand how someone could avoid being inspired there. The famers market sushi looks great! The pigs are a little strange as are the rabbits but I bet they are fresh!

    Tommy love the laundry day look. Very attractive. I see you still have the leather jacket. I thought it was a loaner. Anna I am loving the hat but I am sure you will be happy to leave it behind when you go to sunny Israel. Love to you guys!!

  2. Loved all the pictures of Church of Spilled Blood-my pictures there are not as good as yours-not enough time! I’m sure you’re going to Peterhoff-it was my favorite!

  3. Hey guys,
    Your blog is AMAZING. It looks like your having a fabulous time. I’ve had so much fun reading it. Can’t wait to read where you end up next. Our blog from the summer kind of got abandoned after the trip. Give me a shout if you’re ever in Montreal! (ps sorry for the 3 month late blog finding/commenting)

    • Steph –
      Great to hear from you. I’m guessing you and Noah made it back to Canada ok. And glad you found the blog.

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