Posted by: Tommy | October 10, 2010


St. Basil's Cathedral, Moscow








Today, we visited St. Basil’s Cathedral in Moscow’s Red Square.  As soon as we rounded the corner, we were overtaken by it’s beauty.  We also both knew that it looked very familiar.

And that’s when we figured out what had happened.  It was clear that the Russians had stolen the idea for St. Basil’s design from another place that we had visited recently…..

The Corn Palace, Mitchell, South Dakota


  1. Now that’s funny. Just proves no matter where you go, there you are.

  2. Ditto to Vicki. That is so funny – especially on a rainy Monday morning in Dallas, TX.

  3. funny bc i said the same thing when i saw the corn pics!! hahah… hope yall are having fun!! i love starting my mornings by reading yall’s blog. 🙂 love you both ❤

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