Posted by: Anna | September 22, 2010

How we are flying around the world

We have cobbled together flights through next April. Here’s our plan:

Dallas – Moscow

We are using American miles to fly to Moscow, which requires 30,000 miles each one way for coach. We originally booked this flight in June, and have been calling 3-4 times per week to upgrade our flight to business class since it’s only another 15,000 miles and a lot nicer. But there haven’t been any seats available, and they don’t keep a waiting list, so you just have to keep calling and calling. Yesterday we called to ask some other questions, and at the end of the call, asked the agent to check on upgrading. She informed us we don’t have tickets. What?? I have the confirmation email. We paid the $100 in taxes. How could we not have tickets? On July 6, the agent canceled our reservation, and held seats for us instead of reserved them (sidenote: what is the difference here?). On all the subsequent calls, not a single reservation agent has identified this to us as a problem, but according to the agent yesterday, we would have shown up at the airport two weeks from today without a ticket! She rebooked us. We had to request they not re-charge us $40 telephone booking fee since we didn’t cancel the reservation in the first place, so we shouldn’t have to pay to rebook the  reservation we already had. We’re all good now, but it was a little freaky! With as much as we have to do at this point, the last thing we need is to be re-doing stuff we have already done once.

St Petersberg – Riga (one day layover) – Tel Aviv

We will be taking a train from Moscow to St Petersberg, then spending a day wandering around Riga, Latvia. Then we board another flight to Tel Aviv, Israel. We will travel overland by bus to Cairo.

Cairo – Johannesberg

In Jo-berg, we are renting a car for about $25 / day. We will do a circle drive in Southern Africa, probably stopping in Botswana, Namibia, etc.  We will return the car in Cape Town, South Africa.

Cape Town – Doha, Qatar (one day layover) – Trivandrum, India

From Cape Town, we have another day-long layover in Doha. Then that evening, we board a flight to Trivandrum, in the southern tip of India. That flight lands at 3:30 in the morning!

Nepal – Singapore

From Trivandrum, we will travel overland using mostly trains to Nepal. Our next flight lands in Singapore. Our plan is to travel overland through Southeast Asia, including Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, and maybe others.We don’t have any more flights booked.

To book the rest of our flights, we will probably either buy one One World Pacific Circle ticket and use miles for the other (we don’t have enough miles to buy both), or book flights through our ticket broker and use miles for the flight home from Australia. The Pacific Circle ticket allows 16 flights in Asia, Australia, and North America, which makes it well suited to our needs at that point. We will probably book that travel from South Africa.

Countdown until departure: 14 days!



  1. I’m SO excited for you both and love the blog up-dates…so fun to read. xoxo

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