Posted by: Anna | September 20, 2010

I am low maintenance

Hi reader!

We haven’t been writing much since our life lately has been not that exciting. But I have finished today getting my toiletries together for our trip, and I have realized that I am just not that low maintenance, even when I’m trying to pack light. On the trip to Yellowstone, I really missed my grooming products, so I decided to carefully choose the ones that make me feel comfortable. I know this is probably only interesting to women, so guys, just check back later for something else.

In the first picture, you can see my basic stuff – facewash with scubber (a compromise on not taking exfoliant or makeup remover), night moisturizer with retinol, and eye cream. I have my toothbrush, and my splurge (as far as space is concerned) of those individual flossers. I really like to floss every day, and I really hate regular floss. So I’m taking that big bag, even though it’s a little silly because it takes up so much space. I have a Philosophy body wash / shampoo combo, conditioner, shave gel (sharing with Tommy, so manly smelling), razor, and a few blades. Deoderant, q-tips, and sunscreen round out my packing list. The only thing I haven’t included yet is lotion – I think I am going to want that, right? I am planning on packing a bottle of perfume, thinking it will feel like a little luxury. Will it be worth it?

I debated taking makeup, and then decided that I’m going to want it. So I’ve simplified with an SPF  tinted moisturizer, concealer, mascara, eye liner, blush, and an SPF  lip gloss (not pictured here). I may not wear it every day, but at least I’ll have it. At the last minute while packing up, I decided to throw in a red lipstick. It can fix so many unglamorous moments.  In this picture, you can also see my nail tools – file, scrubbing stone, clippers, and my find of the day – peel and paint polish. It doesn’t require any remover! I can’t stand unpainted toenails – so ugly. We’ll see if I can stand to wear only one color for a year?

I also have hand sanitizer, a travel pack of kleenex, and some wet wipes to carry in my purse.  What have I forgotten? I keep thinking of one more thing that I’m really going to want to have…I’ll probably keep thinking of more things until we leave.


  1. I would have to have tweezers!

  2. I forgot to include that – yes, tweezers are a must! They are packed in our first aid / medicine kit.

  3. Love the idea of red lipstick. Lucky Magazine just had an extensive article on the virutes of various red lipsticks. If you don’t have any yet, let’s take the article and go shopping. If you are taking so little it might as well be perfect.

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