Posted by: Tommy | August 31, 2010

Russian Visa

Easier than anticipated. We drove down to Houston yesterday so that we could go in person to the Russian consulate this morning. But first, we had to get all our paperwork in order. First stop, Walgreens for extra passport pictures. The first Walgreens did not have a working passport photo machine. The next Walgreens was able to quickly process our passport pictures. Then we were off to the bank. After a bit of brief confusion about getting a cashier’s check, and who we were supposed to make it out to, we were able to get our cashier’s checks. We got to the consulate, which is just a suite in an office building – nothing compared to the Russian embassy in Washington DC.


Anyway, unexciting office building that it was, the process was painless. A very nice woman helped us get our forms completed correctly. We had do over the forms we had prepared because the margins were off. It was quick, and we handed over our $140 each, passports, paperwork detailing our past employment history, civic involvement, all countries we’ve visited in the past 10 years, our parents names, etc. Our visas should be ready in four business days. Not bad, if expensive!


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