Posted by: Anna | August 13, 2010

Eating at Camp

As the cook in our family, I was in charge of camp meals. Thanks to many of your suggestions, I had plenty of ideas for what to make.

Our first day, I fixed a breakfast / brunch (it was mid-morning after we got to our campsite and got set up) of scrambled eggs and bacon. This went off without a hitch, except that the camp stove lit on fire while I was cooking. It was shooting flames from the knob. I think we didn’t have it all screwed on tight enough. This happened several more times during our trip, but it must not be too much of a concern because one time while that was happening I was having a conversation with a park ranger who didn’t seem worried.

Our first meal. It tasted good, even though the camp stove lit on fire.

Hot dogs were a popular camp meal, as were sandwiches. I made quesadillas several times – makes a good breakfast, lunch or dinner. Thanks to my mom, we had clam pasta – 2 packages of Lipton parmesean noodles and two cans of clams. All agreed it was delicious. Some of my more ambitious undertakings included grilled swordfish and roasted zucchini and onions and steak.

After cooking at Teton for four days, and experiencing the joys of the campfire going out mid-dinner preparation, rain during cooking, and the stove lighting on fire(!), I tried to think of simple meals for us to eat in Yellowstone. Fixing meals was getting a bit tiresome, even for me, the cook!

So I dug back in my memory for your ideas, and we had fajitas from pre-cooked chicken and steak (tasted amazing!), cinnamon rolls (operator error on the cooking – Jack tried to cook them on the camp stove instead of the fire, but it still sounds like a really good idea Jenny), and lunchables (great ready to go camping lunch, and they have new fancy “adult” lunchables – awesome and hilarious).

Jack offered to make dinner sometimes as well. His first attempt had some issues. He made elk burgers. We had purchased these at the local Albertson’s in Jackson, WY. Getting ready to cook them, he promptly dumped one on the ground, completely raw. It was then coated in dirt, so much so we couldn’t figure out a way to justify eating it. They came in a package of three. This led to the previously referred to 2/3 dinner, where we each had 2/3 of an elk burger, and 2/3 of the “Sloppy Giusseppe” (distant relative of the sloppy joe), made of leftover spaghetti meat sauce on a bun. We also had planned to eat 3 sweet potatoes, but one was rotten. So we each had 2/3 of a sweet potato. An interesting meal.

One day we “ate out” for breakfast – I had pop tarts, and the boys had doughnuts from the store at Yellowstone. Our other big meal out was dinner at the Yellowstone cafeteria one night. The night of the bear infestation (5 bears in camp) we all decided not to cook at camp; we were too nervous. It was about as good as your college cafeteria. That’s right – mmmm.. At the cafeteria, you pay by the size of plate you select, and it’s one pass through the line. Everyone except me embraced the challenge to fill their plate to the max. The highlight was the bison pot roast, prepared by a Texan. Other offerings were frankly, eww. Thank goodness we cooked in camp most nights – it was no doubt more delicious, and certainly more reasonably priced.

We are relaxing in town now, and I can’t say I miss camp cooking. I’ll be back at it in a few days. What should I make this time? I’m thinking cereal for more flaming camp stove in the morning. I’m just not ready at 5 AM.


  1. Cooking at camp does sound challenging. So glad my clam pasta was good that way.

    We just did pizza on the grill for my birthday. It turned out really good and the topping can be whatever you want. My favorite had homemade bechamel sauce, pears, proscuitto and gorgonzolla – no reason you cannot go gourmet at camp.

    Some other ideas — I think someone earlier recommended foil packets. That sounds good to me — chicken, broccolli mushrooms, rice and some EVOO. Mac and cheese with broccoli is also good. Go for stew or chili if you can keep the fire going long enough. My mom used to do a thing she called swiss steak that was browned round steak, add a can of mushroom soup and serve it over noodles. One pot meals would be working for me.

    Have fun and be safe. Love your posts.

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