Posted by: Anna | August 3, 2010

Speed Writing

We have 5 minutes left at the Jackson library where we have driven into town to get some stuff done today – primarily buy more food and write some blog posts. Since I don’t have much time, here’s a quick update in bullets:

  • The 2/3rds dinner – we dropped an elk burger (raw) on the ground while making dinner. To be fair, we each had 2/3 of an elk burger by eating and passing it around. It was an estimated 2/3.
  • I took a bear survey yesterday and passed with flying colors. It was to determine how effective the “bear aware” program is. The ranger said I was the best she’d ever seen. (because I’m scared of getting attacked by a bear!)
  • However, the ranger did try to help me build a fire (which I was trying to do unsuccessfully). I couldn’t get my fire stick to work to relight it after I had already started and had one fire go out on me. The boys couldn’t understand how someone who spent several years in Campfire girls learned to make hair bows but not camp fires.

Well, that’s all the time I have. Check out our flickr in the bottom right corner of the blog to see more photos of what we’ve been doing.

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