Posted by: Tommy | August 2, 2010

A Sunrise Hike

On Sunday morning, Jack, Anna and I woke up at 5 am to attend the sunrise guided hike at the Lawrence Rockefeller Preserve, inside Grand Teton National Park.  We had been up at 5 the previous morning trying to claim a good camping spot, so we were able to get to bed early.  Those of you who know Anna well know that getting her up at 5 is no picnic.  But we were all excited by the prospect of seeing the beautiful park at sunrise.

We met our Park Ranger guide at 5:45, along with the 6 other people brave enough to get up that early.  It was really nice to have such a small group; we could move quietly and really enjoy the scenery.

Larry (a female Park Ranger) was the leader of the hike and she believed in using meditation, poetry and quiet reflection to enhance the experience.  That’s not usually my thing (Anna was an expert) but in that particular setting both Jack and I were able to get into it. The Rockefeller’s had donated 30,000 acres to help form Grand Teton park, but had kept a couple of thousand acres where they had a dude ranch.  Lawrence Rockefeller, John D. Rockefeller’s son, then donated those prime acres at his death as a special preserve that bears his name.  So far, it’s our favorite part of the park.

It was our only sunrise hike, but we were very excited about the wildlife out at sunrise.  We saw a pine marten (like a fox) and lots of chipmunks.  We viewed an osprey, as well as an amazingly-built osprey nest.  Then, on our way to the main cabin site, Anna’s biggest fear happened.  Jack spotted a black bear, about 30 feet away from us, foraging on some grubs.  It paid our group no attention, mostly walking around looking for food.  We gave it a wide berth but were able to get a few pictures.


Bear! Continued

Because Larry was a big poetry fan and it was the theme of the hike, she brought pencils and clipboards and had us sit by the lake and write a piece of poetry.  She asked us to each write a haiku.  We’ve decided this is a useful and fun practice, so we will try to each write a haiku per day.  Here are the ones we wrote that morning:

Rocks to be scaled; Tress with oh such majesty; Clear water, perfect.

– Jack

Jack, on the rocks

Feather pines waiting; like Narcissus gazing on; Never seeing self.

– Anna

The lake at Rockefeller Preserve

A birds nest hovers; above the point of a pine; What is gravity?

– Tommy

An osprey nest defies gravity.

A brown bear walks by; Clean light on moving water; This place is awesome.

– Tommy


  1. I think the beauty has brought out your inner poets. I wish you a most amazing trip! xooxxox

  2. breathtaking views. thanks for sharing.

  3. Your words indicate the beauty and pleasure of the area you are in. We wish we were there
    with you! Happy trails to you.

  4. First I have heard of The Larry the Female Park Ranger Cult of Teton Haiku that you have joined.
    See more bears. Y’all be careful and have fun!

  5. What beautiful pictures! Look forward to the rest if your adventure.

  6. Love the haikus. Anna’s is intellectual, Tommy’s more observational, and Jack so introspective for 18-year old not so introspective Jack. Your pictures make me feel like I was there. Anna and Tommy what a great gift to Jack to take him with you for his graduation gift. So typical of you two to be so thoughtful to give him a great experience and memory.

  7. […] Wyoming had the most to offer. Wyoming had such attractions as the rodeo with the wild horse race, Grand Teton National Park, Yellowstone National Park, delicious Thai food in Jackson, and we didn’t do a single thing […]

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