Posted by: Anna | July 30, 2010

On the road again

Tuesday we drove to Denver from Amarillo. The route took us through New Mexico and then North through Colorado. We stopped to picnic on the way. It was beautiful to drive up to the mountains – they just appear on the horizon.

During my driving turn, I enjoyed one of my favorite road trip songs – Stickshifts and Safety Belts by Cake. See if that doesn’t put you in the road trip mood! 

On the way, we decided to stay in Denver Tuesday night. On the iphone, I used priceline to find us a hotel. We ended up at the Renaissance for $50. It was awesome! The room was luxe. It had the nicest hotel gym I’ve ever seen (other than Caesar’s). Indoor and outdoor pool, plus a hot tub, and free laundry! My inner Grandmother June (my frugal grandmother) was delighted at the bargain.

We were hungry for dinner, and I requested a microbrewery. Tommy used Yelp to find us a restaurant – the Bull & Bush. It has been in Denver for almost 40 years.

Dinner was delicious – I had green chili – mmmm….and Tommy and Jack had burgers. A swim at the hotel, a beer with Jack, and I was ready to sleep. Wednesday morning we got up and worked out in the nice hotel gym and did laundry – the practicalities of long term travel! We checked out and we were off for the day.   We went over to the Timbers Hotel, where Dad had made a reservation.  They let us check in to a suite early so we could unload the car.  We ate lunch in the room and then set out to explore Denver.  Jack had found a rockclimbing gym that he wanted to check out. 

We had about 2 hours until the gym opened, so we went to the Colorado State Capitol for a tour.  It was designed by the same architect as the Texas State Capitol, so everything was very familiar. As a Texan, I still think the Texas capitol is more beautiful. We went from there to the rock climbing gym and dropped off Jack.  Tommy and I went looking for a bar to wait for Jack in.  One thing we noticed about the street we were on is the large number of “medical” marijuana shops.  We went in to the sketchiest looking establishment – the Little Green Pharmacy (this was, shocker, Tommy’s idea) and tried to look around and find out why there are so many of these shops in Denver.  What we learned during the very brief encounter with the weedsellers is that almost everyone in Colorado has a prescription and the marijuana shops are everywhere.  In fact, they tried to get Tommy a prescription while we were standing there.  It took several attempts for him to explain that we really were just curious, not shopping.

We picked up Jack and headed back to the hotel to meet up with mom and dad.  (Sidenote: Denver traffic is awful. And for some reason, people from Colorado slow down to 30 when there is a police officer with someone pulled over on the side of the road. It’s the worst case of rubbernecking I’ve ever seen. What is up with that? I’m all for getting over into the left lane when the cop has someone pulled over on the right, but really, slowing down to 30. Why? I don’t think the police officer is going to need to flag you down for assistance. He doesn’t have a sign telling you what’s going on – “Just pulled this car over for speeding” There’s just no point. PSA here folks – spread the word to your Colorado friends) 

Jack, Dad and Tommy had tickets to the Rockies game and Mom and I were planning to have a girl’s night. We had intended to take the train to an area that was recommended, but stumbled around the corner from the game parking area and found Marco’s. We got a table immediately, and our waiter came over to take our drink orders. He was a cutie! After several days of traveling with boys, especially my hormone crazy 18 year old brother, I was tired of hearing about how this girl was hot, or that girl wasn’t, etc. It was great to have a cute waiter and another woman to admire him with.  

He took our orders (for beer) and dinner. We each had a gorgeous salad and shared a white pizza, all of which was delicious. After dinner, I decided to ask him about the copper mugs behind the bar. I had seen several drinks served in them to other tables – but what is served in a copper mug? Apparently it’s a moscow mule, which is vodka, ginger beer, and lime. I ordered one because it looked fun, and the waiter decided to pick out a drink for mom. He selected a palomo for her, which is supposed to be tequila and squirt, but was tequila and lemonade at this bar. It seemed pretty deadly to me, but I enjoyed my moscow mule. We had fun just talking and catching up with our drinks. The boys left the game early (the Rockies were getting killed by the Pirates – I don’t know anything about baseball, but I guess this is bad) and came to meet us at Marco’s. We ordered another pizza for them.

In a Denver-is-a-hippie-town moment, there was a weekly bike parade that went by outside. Each week there is a theme for this bike parade. This week the theme was clowns. Hundreds of people dressed as clowns out for a leisurely Wednesday night bike ride. Weird. We tried to take pictures, but they didn’t turn out. So here’s your imagination opportunity for the day – what does a parade of hundreds (1500) of perfectly ordinary people (okay – kind of weird people) dressed as clowns look like?


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