Posted by: Anna | July 26, 2010

Texas! The Musical

Texas! The Musical

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Last night we went to see Texas! in the Palo Duro Canyon. It’s the second largest canyon in the US. I have been going to the canyon as long as I can remember – to ride horses, ride the Sad Monkey railroad (no longer running), and see Texas! The show has remained exactly (or mostly) the same for 45 years. When we arrived, we got to stop and see the overlook into the canyon and enjoy the views.

We arrived  at the amphitheatre and picked up our tickets. The Big Texan, home of the free 72 ounce steak (if you eat it and the sides in one hour) caters a steak dinner prior to the show. It was delicious, and an absolutely beautiful atmosphere in the canyon…very Texan to be eating steak before seeing Texas.

We found our seats and (I) anxiously awaited the show. It starts out with a horseman riding a horse with a Texas flag along the top of the canyon. The show makes excellent use of the canyon as a part of the set, with horses, lighting, wagons, and trains running through the canyon behind the actual stage. Actors frequently enter and exit through the canyon too. The show is filled with singing and dancing songs about the glory of Texas.

It is set during the time that the Panhandle of Texas was being settled and the railroad came to change it all. Quanah Parker makes a couple of appearances too. Corny jokes abound.

I had a wonderful time; I have a sentimental attachment to the show, plus I love musicals and live theatre of pretty much all kinds. Thanks to my awesome grandparents for taking us all out there to experience it!


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