Posted by: Anna | July 19, 2010

Camping: What to eat?

I have never been camping before, at least not “proper” camping where you sleep in a tent. I guess I’ll be jumping right in because we are going on a month long camping trip. I’ll be with Tommy and my brother Jack. So I’ll probably be the ringleader for food. What do you eat? We will be in sites with a camp stove, and probably grills. We will have a cooler – do you just go buy more ice every day? This seems annoying.

Because I am a food nerd, I have thought and thought about what to eat. I even got a book from the library about cooking and camping. This book was not especially helpful, since it has recipes for all sorts of complicated things and assumes you have a dehydrator, which I don’t. I don’t really know what I should bring from home. Should I pack salt & pepper, and a few spices to make food taste good? Condiments?

Here are my ideas – they are not very impressive or creative. Please share your thoughts!

  • PB & J
  • hot dogs
  • fruit
  • quesadillas
  • sandwiches
  • Chili
  • scrambled eggs / egg sandwiches
  • pizza (grilled) with pre-made crust (something like Boboli)
  • granola bars
  • nuts
  • chips (for snacking)
  • pancakes (from mix)

And then there’s the gear. I am used to my wonderfully equipped kitchen with food processor and double oven, and bowls and plates of all sizes. What to take to use while camping? It just occurred to me that we are going to need to do something about water…ack!

Well, wish me luck as I try to get us situated.



  1. One of our favorites for camp cooking is fajitas- I buy the pre-marinated fajitas, cook over the grill and eat with grilled onions and peppers in a tortilla. Yum! We also make breakfast tacos, scrambled eggs, with anything else you like in them also in a tortilla. Foil packs are good too- chicken in foil with carrots and potatoes, stick these down in your campfire coals to cook. Have fun!

  2. I almost forgot – I have a Coleman camp stove, camping coffee pot and some other things you might want to borrow-

    • We have managed to borrow a camp stove, but thanks for the offer! 🙂

  3. Anything one can easily eat with hands is important.
    A half-way decent knife can be used for any preparations.
    You forgot veggies! Carrot & celery sticks, cucumbers, tomatoes, peppers, etc.
    If the climate is cool enough one doesn’t need to refrigerate some things, like eggs. And those can be boiled (when you have the facility) and taken wherever to peel when needed.
    Cheese is multi-purpose and essential to go with the wine.
    Smoked/cured meats are more common in some other countries and do not need refrigeration (in S. Africa known as “biltong” but called by other names elsewhere).
    Accept that you will often have a very basic diet and try to stick to the nutritional basics. Salt/pepper can be nice but don’t get bogged down carrying various spices around.
    Abide by the “KISS” method and all will be great! (And I don’t mean “smootching!”) : )
    I’m getting so excited for you!

  4. We used to go camping ALOT when we we’re kids! We would go to the deli and stock up on sandwich meats and cheeses an hot dogs. We definitely brought condiments even salt and pepper and other seasonings! We also cooked steaks and burgers. And for breakfast we had pancakes, sausage and bacon and even eggs! And I would recommend that you make the pancake mix b4 hand because it stays good as long as you keep it cold! Don’t forget to bring stuff to make smores!!! Oh and you are going to want to hang you’re trash from a tree limb and any food you leave out as well if not you’ll have unwanted critters all night! DONT store your food in a tent either! We ruined a $1000 tent by thinking the food would be fine in there but the racooms ripped a huge hole in the tent to get to the food. Bring lots of snacks, toilet paper, trash bags, bug repellant, matches, liter fluid, griddle, aluminum foil, lots of bottled water (you’ll use it for anything and everything) that’s all I can think of but I’ll let you know if I can think of anything else! The main thing is convenience!

  5. Thanks for your comments – these are great ideas. I did some more thinking and came up with a few more ideas myself, but I’m getting much more confident with your input that we will survive in the wilderness! I’m really looking forward to our trip. And thanks again!

  6. Anna,

    Before using your pots and pans on the campstove, grill or campfire coat the outside and bottom with a small amount of liquid dishwashing detergent, you will be amazed at how easy they clean up. Also, we love baked apples on the campfire, remove the core, sprinkle with cinnamon, sugar and butter, wrap in foil and place on the fire until soft – they are great for dessert or breakfast.

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