Posted by: Tommy | July 18, 2010

Tommy’s clothes – interesting?

I can travel around the 15 items of clothing.

Apparently Anna’s post about her 17 items of clothing was extremely popular.  4 or 5 people commented on it at dinner and several asked me how many I’d be taking.   And I had to count, because I wasn’t sure.  It turns out the answer is 15.

The Texas Longhorn dri-fit t-shirt is probably the only shirt I’ll actually wear (so I’ll look like I always do) but I’ll be taking a polo-type drifit shirt and a “jungle” fancy blue hiking shirt as well.  The jungle shirt was purchased for and worn extensively during our honeymoon and will be making a reappearance, along with the floppy hat that was also a Ecuador staple.   I’ve got an orange microfleece and a gray windbreaker.  For pants – 1 pair of zip-off leg pants, 1 pair of shorts/swimsuit and 1 pair of lightweight, drifit khaki pants.  4 pair of high-tech travel underwear and 1 pair of hiking socks complete the ensemble.  Oh, and of course, the Keen shoeish-sandals voted on by the readers.  I’ve also included the backpack in the picture, in case you are interested.



  1. I just realized after the big discussion about your shoes, we have not heard anything about Anna’s shoes. They were not featured in her clothing post, and I can’t believe she is going to only take one pair!

  2. tommy u either need more sox or just dont ever take off your shoes!!!!!! i am serious cause u will stink really bad!!!!! just thought i would give u a tip that u really need 2 use emily gaines!!!!!:) really tought get more sox so u dont torcher anna

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