Posted by: Anna | July 13, 2010

Anna’s Trip Wardrobe : 17 Pieces for One Year

Here we go.

Windbreaker. Not much to explain. It's very lightweight, and can be layered with the fleece for extra protection.

This SPF hat is the one Tommy gave me for my birthday the year we got married. It was for me to take on our honeymoon. I'm not sure how well the white will hold up after a year of travelling, but I'm attached to it, so there's that.

This is my only dress. I couldn't go a whole year without a single dress, but I tried to be as practical as possible. It's quickdrying. It can double as a skirt (just pull it down around the waist), which gives me a modest skirt option for religious sites and the like. Plus it's actually really cute, not just travel cute.

These are my undies...don't worry, despite what the package says, I am taking 4 pairs. One blog I read suggested just taking your undies into the shower each day and handwashing them. That way you always have plenty of clean ones.

This is my "jungle" shirt that I bought before our honeymoon in Ecuador in the rainforest. It's a very lightweight long sleeve top with those cool adventure girl looking pockets, etc. This is one of the only things that I am taking that I already had.

This regular tshirt is also (of course) quick drying. It's also comfy and a nice color.

This is my swimsuit. The top of the tankini can double as a shirt, and the bottoms could be underwear. Also the bottoms are reversable, so that's like having 2 swimsuits, right?

This gray tank is super comfy, dri-fit, and long enough to be a little nightie...mostly. Very versatile, and my only real sleeveless top.

One bra for one year. I hope it turns out to be as super comfy as it seems.

These pants are from Lucy. Wicking and super quick drying = comfortable and practical. They are also cute, I think. In kind of a dingy brown color, so they will hopefully not show dirt too badly. And a little stretchy for comfort.

This top is my nicest's a very limited wardrobe. However, this is pretty cute for quick drying and wicking tops, which is all I looked at. I'm sure you'll see this in lots of pictures later on.

This is my microfleece - my only defense against the cold. Since I tend to be cold, I'll probably get a lot of use out of this. It had the most rave reviews online of anything I bought. Funny, I originally bought this in coral, but then I got a pink buff (like a headband / scarf thingy), and it clashed with coral. So baby blue it is.

You may notice that there are not 17 items above. I have one more skirt (it’s getting washed right now) that is not pictured, and 3 more pairs of undies (didn’t think you needed to see all of them). So that’s my wardrobe for a year. Will I be able to do it? As best I can figure, there are 45 outfits. That sounds better doesn’t it? I could wear a necklace, but it would have to be something not valuable that I wouldn’t mind getting stolen. At REI, I saw one of the staff had a cool necklace that was a peace sign shaped like a heart. Sounds cheesy, I know, but I liked it. But I have a hard time justifying buying accessories for this trip since I have spent so much already on these clothes. I haven’t decided on that yet.

If you were traveling for a year with just a backpack, what would you want to take?



  1. Anna ~
    You are amazing! I hope you and Tommy have a wonderful adventure together.
    But only 4 pairs of underware, really? WOW!
    Wishing you guys the best ~

  2. Miss Emily just read this blog & said that you need more bras!!!!!!!:)

  3. […] Anna’s willingness to wear 3 shirts for a year – a recurring theme in our pictures: Me wearing either a grey or orange Longhorn t-shirt.  Another recurring theme – Anna wearing something you’ve never seen before.  She has a total of 1 piece of non-underwear clothing left from her original packing.  I’ve added 2 shirts (both free) and 1 pair of pants (we lost the zip-off pant leg for the original pair). […]

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