Posted by: Anna | July 12, 2010

Top Ten Experiences I’m Looking Forward To

I think this will be an interesting post for me to review after we get back. Often, when travelling, I find that the most memorable and most meaningful experiences are not the ones that drew me to a place. Perhaps this is a result of being more mindful when traveling than when at home, and being on the search for new experiences rather than in your routine and focused on getting stuff done at home. For example, when I think back on the trip to Ireland while I was in college – I went to see the beautiful Irish countryside, the pubs, etc. The most fun moment of the entire trip was a chance encounter with a donkey while driving down the road. I did not go to Ireland to see a donkey,but the openness of the traveler’s mind made the donkey so funny. (Perhaps I’ll tell the donkey story another time – it is pretty funny).

So back to the topic at hand – the top ten experiences / places I am looking forward to on our big trip:

1. the Taj Mahal

2. the pyramids (starting off with two tombs..)

3. safari (cool animals on land)

4. scuba in the great barrier reef (cool animals under the sea)

5. cooking class in southeast asia (my cooking passion)

6. the Hermitage, home of arguably the best impressionist collection in the world, along with everything else you can think of  (almost – no contemporary), all housed in the former Winter Palace and the Hermitage itself (Empress Catherine II’s small palace for entertaining guests)

7. the ballet in Russia – We are seeing Romeo and Juliet at the recently renovated Bolshoi Theatre in Moscow. Assuming I get our credit card to work to buy Russian ballet tickets. Let’s just say American e-commerce is more developed than Russian…no success yet on actually buying tickets.

8. Israel – see this site about the footsteps of Jesus

9. meditation retreat in India

10. spending a year with Tommy, my best friend. Awwwww!

These are all “postcard” experiences (except number 10) – the kinds of things featured in travel magazines and travel shows. Will they be the best parts of this adventure? Probably not. Part of the joy of travel is that you cannot foretell the experiences you have – it’s the experience of opening yourself up to what will be each day. The irony is that of course, you don’t have to travel to live like that; you can do it right here at home. I hope that when we return, I keep a little of that openness with me in each day, to focus on experiencing the beauty, humor, and creativity presented in a perfectly ordinary day.



  1. I am so excited for you both. I laughed so much at your description of your scuba lessons!

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