Posted by: Tommy | July 1, 2010

Big Trip Itinerary – through Singapore

Thanks to a fantastic website/ticket broker – – we have been able to book flights through April of 2011.  These destinations are set, though we may end up staying longer/shorter depending on how we are liking a particular place or if there’s something irresistible we hear about along the road that demands a detour.

We leave October 6 for Moscow, flying through London.  We have a week in Moscow and a week in St. Petersburg (which we’ll travel to via train) before departing the morning of Oct. 25.  That day, we have a 10 hour stopover in Riga, Latvia (w00, Latvia!) that should allow us some time to explore Riga before continuing on that night to Israel.  We’ll have 19 days, give or take, in Israel to explore Jerusalem and Tel Aviv, dive in the Red Sea and make our way to Cairo, Egypt by bus.

After exploring the pyramids, the Sphinx, possibly a camel market or two and other Egyptian oddities, we’ll fly from Cairo to Nairobi, Kenya on November 28, traveling through Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.  Once in Kenya, we’ll attempt to buy a vehicle of some kind that can take us on a roadtrip from Kenya to Capetown, South Africa over the next 9 weeks. I’ll turn 30 during the drive and we’ll celebrate Christmas along the way.  We are hoping to make it to Johannesburg to visit my friend Johnson for Christmas, but time may not work in our favor for that. We’ll sell the acquired car in either Johannesburg or Cape Town and then move along.

On February 10, 2011 we fly from Cape Town to Doha, Qatar.  We’ll spend a 14 hour layover in Doha – plenty of time to see some of the city before venturing on to Trivandrum, India. We arrive at 3:20am (a common thing among Indian flights, apparently) but we’ve been assured we’ll have no problem finding transportation to a hotel or hostel.  Our plan is to spend plenty of time in India, exploring both coasts and several cities over the course of 6 weeks or so.  We’ll make our way from Trivandrum (in the far south) to New Delhi (pretty far north) and then overland to Kathmandu, Nepal.  We’ll have about 2 weeks in Nepal before flying from there, through Delhi, to Singapore on April 13th.

From Singapore, we’ll explore Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, possibly Cambodia and then into Thailand – spending  a little over 2 months total – before heading on to China, Japan, then Australia, New Zealand, Fiji and home.  Unfortunately flight schedules have not been released for anything past April, so we’ll have to wait until the first of 2011 to book the rest of our flights.

Researching for the trip has been a very interesting process and we’ve learned a lot already – but not nearly as much as we’ll learn starting in October, I’m sure.  We would LOVE to have friends and family that are interested come visit us along the way.  If you’ve ever had the desire to visit India, or Nepal, or Thailand, please use us as your excuse.  The hardest thing about the experience is going to be homesickness and missing our loved ones.  We wanted to get these dates up and out as soon as possible so that if you get the travel bug, you’ll have plenty of time to arrange vacation time, flights, etc.

We’re heading to Schlitterbahn today – lets hope Hurricane Alex stays out of the way!


  1. Pencil me in for Jan/Feb or where ever you end up next July/Aug (or both)! What a fantastic trip; getting major jealousy! Actually, sort of have had major jealousy since Anna first old me your thoughts on doing this once last summer.

    (PS – Seriously! It is so hard coordinating big travel trips with people’s schedules…)

    • January or February would be great. I think my parents will be visiting us in July so we’d have to work around that next summer. But we would love to have you visit.

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