Posted by: Anna | May 27, 2010

That’s Awesome!

Today I had the chance to talk for a few minutes to the sister of a friend of ours. In 1990, she and her husband took off with a round-the-world plane ticket. Here’s what she told me:

We took at three week backpacking vacation to England. We met these Australians who were traveling for a year. We though to ourselves…”that sounds cool.” We went back home from our trip, gave our two weeks notice at our jobs, and took off. Literally – two weeks from idea (!) to departure. Ummm….that’s awesome.

Her tips:

1. Spend time apart – that gives you something to talk about at night.

2. Don’t overplan.

3. Take quick drying clothes (she was envious that we would have high-tech fabrics to choose from) and a universal plug to do handwash laundry everywhere.

4. Take a sleep sack so even when you stay somewhere grimy, YOU can stay (sort of) clean.

5. Take breaks when you need them. You don’t have to go sightseeing every day.

Thanks for the tips, Marj!!


  1. Excellent advice! You are going to have a wonderful adventure – most of the time!

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