Posted by: Anna | May 25, 2010


I know…not exactly the exotic location. But it is lovely. We drove down yesterday afternoon and visited two friends who have (literally) just moved here. Had dinner with some other friends, and went to bed early because even if we didn’t need to be at work today, everyone else did!

Tommy is in meetings all day today, so I have had a rare day in Austin to do as I please, rather than eat at el arroyo (tommy’s favorite restaurant). So, I went to an amazing yoga class this morning at Black Swan yoga. It’s a donation model, so you just go to class. Afterward, you make a donation of any amount. The donation goes to the instructor, who has paid to rent the studio. Interesting. They even do donations through computer portals set up for credit cards. Check it out next time you are in Austin! I’ll be back.

Now I am hanging out at Austin Java, researching our yellowstone road trip for later this summer.


  1. I can’t wait to hear about your trip to Yellowstone. I have always wanted to go there, so for the time being I will live vicariously through you two!

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