Posted by: Anna | May 11, 2010


Something I think we will be doing a lot in the coming months. We are working part time right now. With our new extra free time, we are adjusting. Tommy has been feeling a little adrift today, and has been efficiently getting all of those things done that always seem to linger when you are busy. Calling about car insurance, paying bills, etc.

I have seized the time to enjoy one of my favorite activities – reading recipes, planning meals, and cooking. After our standard oatmeal for breakfast, we had a beautiful lunch of warm salad with bacon and potatoes, and sliced orange. Since we are only working part time, I have time to actually cook lunch sometimes, or so it seems.

In researching our trip, another favorite pastime of mine, I have found more unique destinations, activities, and sights to see that I will be adding to my giant book of planning. It is like a big messy scrapbook of notes, articles, pictures, etc that collects our ideas of where to go and what to do by place (pages for India, pages for Egypt, etc). I will share some of my research with you soon so you too can give me input – I have learned a lot from talking with friends so far.

I am also looking for book recommendations that will enhance our travels  – see the post below about our top 10 places. Have you read a book that would provide interesting context or enhance visiting one of these places? Please share your wisdom with me.


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